Small Sex Dolls

Often less expensive than silicone dolls, small sex dolls can be ideal if you are new to the hobby and/or if storage space is at a premium. These dolls can come with a variety of accessories including lubricant, wigs and tongues.

Although pedophiles do use child-like dolls, claims that they encourage sexual aggression are based on speculation without empirical evidence. In fact, one 2022 study found that access to dolls did not influence offending at the trait or state level.

Full-Body Dolls

Full-body dolls are the most realistic of the small sex dolls. Often called reborn dolls, they are carefully crafted to look as lifelike as possible. Their faces feature intricate details like veins and wrinkles, while their hands, feet, and other features are also molded for a more realistic appearance. Full-body dolls are available in both cloth and silicone body types. Some collectors even add on aspects to their reborn dolls that make them appear more lifelike, such as a magnet in their mouth to hold a pacifier or an electronic device to control the rise and fall of their chest to simulate breathing.

Torso Dolls

A torso doll is the perfect masturbator for those with limited space or living with roommates. Whether you just want to touch or lick her anal or penetrate deep into her tight vagina, the stimulation from this small love doll will blow you away. Her outer labia are pink and fade into the color of her torso, while inside she has bumps that imitate the nipples and anus of a real woman for more realistic pleasure.

She can be lubed and positioned in any position that you like. She has a tight pussy and butt that will satisfy your penetration needs while her soft boobs will tease you into sexual climax with her. You can even try oral sex with this sex doll, and her realistic anatomy will make you feel like you are really having intercourse with a woman. You can also customize her with extra body painting and added artistic professional detail to the genitalia.


Sex dolls can be customised with various accessories, such as sex doll eye inserts and vagina inserts, which allow the user to change their love dolls appearance. These accessories can also help to enhance the experience for the user, making it even more erotic and exciting.

Medical-grade silicone is the best material for sex dolls, as it is non-porous and latex-free, making it safe for use by people with allergies. It also rejects odours and can stretch to accommodate the users body, which makes it durable enough for long-term use.

In order to further understand the relationship between sex dolls and sexual fantasy, it is important to carry out design studies that bring together sex researchers, people with different gender and sexual identities and lifestyles who use sex dolls, and industry representatives. This can provide new insights into the use of sex dolls and help to address assumptions about their relationship to antisocial tendencies and harmful sexual fantasies.

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